In Am J Trop Med Hyg 80: 475–478 by Muok et al, the wrong data set was used in Figure 2A. The data shown in the original Figure 2A are those obtained by measuring CD3+/CD4+/CD25high/HLA-DR+ cells, not CD3+/CD4+/CD25med/HLA-DR+ cells as indicated on the Y axis of the original figure. The corrected Figure 2A does not alter the conclusions of the paper because the statistical differences reported remain the same. However, the actual percentages of the population represented differ and corrected statements concerning these percentages are now substituted in the appropriate text referring to Figure 2A. With the correct substitutions the text (2nd paragraph, right hand column, page 476) would read as follows: We examined the level of circulating Tact cells in the children with only S. mansoni infections (N = 82) and found that the mean percentage of these cells that also expressed HLA-DR+, indicating highly activated T cells, (28) was 2.7%. However when this Tact (HLA-DR+) subset was analyzed in the circulation of children with S. mansoni and P. falciparum coinfections (N = 34), the level was significantly lower (1.4%; P = 0.0046; Figure 2A). All the text statements in the Abstract and the body of the paper that draw conclusions from this Figure are still valid, i.e., they are the same as the authors drew originally from the incorrect Figure. The correct figure appears below. The authors and the journal regret this error.