Perspectives in Virology

by Morris Pollard, University of Texas, Medical Branch. 312 pages, illustrated. New York, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1959. $7.00

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A symposium entitled “Perspectives in Virology” was held in 1958, in which an attempt was made to assess recent progress in various virologic fields and to project future pathways of research in this area. The monograph edited by Dr. Morris Pollard presents the formal papers and a transcription of the extemporaneous discussions of these papers by a group of leading virus workers. The subjects considered covered a wide range of topics at the forefront of current virus research. Events at the virus-cell level concerned with the chemical nature of virus infectivity, genetic interaction between bacteriophage and host bacteria, genetic recombination among pox viruses, the mechanism of myxovirus replication, the nutritional requirements for virus propagation, and cell plating techniques as a tool for the quantitative measurement of virus action, are discussed by workers who are leaders in their fields.Topics of importance to infectious disease epidemiology and preventive medicine are given excellent coverage in the presentations dealing with newer knowledge of measles virus, implications of the newly recognized viruses of man, the natural history of hog cholera, specific humoral immunity as a factor in virus disease ecology, and problems in the epidemiology of Asian influenza.