In Am J Trop Med Hyg 71:577–581, the manuscript states that pentavalent antimony was administered intramuscularly, whereas the drug was administered intravenously. In the sentence under Drug Administration: Each agent was administered at a dose of 20 mg of Sb/kg/day (there was no upper limit on the daily dose) intramuscularly for 20 consecutive days, “intravenously” should be substituted for “intramuscularly.” The journal staff and the authors regret the error.

In Am J Trop Med Hyg 71:787, the word “paromyomycin” is used incorrectly several times in the manuscript. The correct spelling is paromomycin. The journal staff regrets this error.

In Am J Trop Med Hyg 71:787, there are two small errors in Table 3. The correct version of Table 3 appears here:

Table 3

Trials using ultra-short course treatment for visceral leishmaniasis

Agent and doseTimes TendosesTotal dose (mg/kg)No. of patients% Cure*Country testedCost of drug(US$)† TotalComments
* Six months after treatment.
† Per patient costs in India calculated for a 25-kg patient.4 Per patient costs in Greece extrapolated from those reported for the subjects enrolled in the trial (young children; mean age = 3.6 years).18 Drug costs: 1) Abelcet = $175/50 mg (U.S. average wholesale price; Abelcet not available in India), and 2) AmBisome = $160/50 mg or $206/50 mg, retail costs in India and Greece, respectively.4,18 Total cost = drug cost plus all other treatment or hospitalization-related expenses, as described,4 including hospital per diem charges of ~$2 (India4) and ~$110 (Greece18).
‡ Estimated per patient cost in India for 15 alternate-day infusions of 1 mg/kg of amphotericin B deoxycholate (drug = $49; total cost = $417).4
§ Estimated per patient cost in Greece for once a day injections of 20 mg/kg of Sb for 30 days (drug = $50; total cost = $3,250).18
Abelcet (mg/kg)
    5152770India438460Low cure rate.5
    52105080India875952Doses on days 1 and 2 or days 1 and 5. Low cure rate.5
AmBisome (mg/kg)
    1511517100India1,2001,222Pilot trial. Dose tolerated but extremely high drug cost.
    5155191India400422Efficient (as active as giving same total dose over 5 days [1 mg/kg/day × 5 days]). Total cost equal to amphotericin B (30-day regimen)‡ but efficacy lower than > 95%.16
    7.517.520390India600622Highly efficient (all subjects discharged 24 hours after treatment) but not cost-effective vs. amphotericin B‡.17
    102204198Greece1,4002,080Doses on days 1 and 2. If body weight < 30 kg, clearly cost- effective vs. 30-day Sb regimen§ since an ~ 80% reduction in hospital stay (mean = 6.2 days) offsets high drug cost.18