The Bacteriology of Tuberculosis

by Egons Darzins, M.D. 488 pages, illustrated. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press, 1958, $10.00

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This book offers the reader a wealth of information concerning the tubercle bacillus and experimental tuberculosis. The subject matter is organized in a logical fashion. It begins with a description of the tubercle bacillus and its growth requirements. It reviews methods of isolation and identification of tubercle bacilli and describes their effects on experimental animals. The material is presented in historical perspective and is well documented.

Those interested in basic bacteriology will find a comprehensive description of the biological, chemical and physical factors associated with identification of cell structures. Those interested in diagnostic methods will find a thorough review of the microscopic and cultural techniques for isolation and identification of the tubercle bacillus. Those interested in experimenting with the tubercle bacillus will find reference to the fundamental techniques currently employed in studying tuberculosis in animals. The reader will find the section on hazards and precautions in the laboratory of great practical value.