Studies on the Exo-Erythrocytic Cycle in the Genus Plasmodium

(London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Memoir 12), by R. S. Bray, B.Sc., Ph.D., 1st edition, 192 pages, illustrated. London, H. K. Lewis & Co., Ltd., 1957, £2.2s. net

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This volume is a valiant effort to provide an up-to-date account of a subject not previously adequately summarized. The work, in the author's words, “cannot be treated other than as an interim report on a subject swiftly growing after thirty years in the wilderness (1903–1933).” Following two short introductory chapters on “Definitions, general classification and terminology” and “Introductory notes on the plasmodia” there is, in Chapter three, an excellent historical summary of the subject, covering the early period of knowledge of exo-erythrocytic (e-e) schizogony of the genus Plasmodium (1890–1934) and the later history of the e-e cycle in avian plasmodia (1934–1943) and mammalian plasmodia (1934–1947). The remaining four-fifths of the volume is a detailed account of the present state of knowledge of the e-e cycle of avian and saurian plasmodia (Chapter 4) and mammalian plasmodia (Chapter 5), with a short final chapter on “Taxonomy and specific classification.”