Die Geschwülste der Haut

Ihr klinisches und feingewebliches Bild, ihre Erkennung und Behandlung, von Prof. Dr. A. Greither und Dr. H. Tritsch, Heidelberg [Tumors of the Skin, Their Clinical and Histological Picture, Diagnosis and Treatment] Stuttgart, Herdwe 63, Georg Thieme, Verlag, 1957. 280 pages, 180 illustrations; DM 49.50

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The increasing importance of dermatopathology can be seen from this volume on tumors of the skin, with practically every clinical picture accompanied by a microphotograph. It is written by two dermatologists and the material is collected entirely from the Skin Department of the University of Heidelberg. The term “tumor” is used in its broadest sense and includes dermatoses which create a tumor-like picture, including, for instance, keloids, bromoderma, knuckle pads, and xanthomatoses.

The volume is well written, handsomely printed, and contains in concise form clinical description, differential diagnosis, histological picture, and outline of treatment of the conditions discussed. Numerous clinical pictures, as well as microphotographs, are used to illustrate the text. They are generally good; some are excellent. It would have been desirable to use more high-power microphotographs. The chapter on the controversial condition of keratoacanthoma is excellent.