Soybeans for Health, Longevity, and Economy

by Philip S. Chen, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Atlantic Union College, with the assistance of Helen D. Chen, M.A., National Science Foundation Fellow, Cornell University. 1st edition, 241 pages, illustrated. South Lancaster, Mass. The Chemical Elements, 1956. $3.00

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Soybeans have been promoted for many years by the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, the Bureau of Home Economics and Human Nutrition, various state agricultural extension services and numerous others as an economical food of high protein and oil content which has many industrial uses.

This book contains a wide variety of information on the soybean, an attractive format, good quality paper, and fair illustrations. Approximately one quarter is devoted to a discussion of the nutritive value of the soybean, about one quarter to soy products, and the rest to soybean culture, preservation, and recipes. Many of the recipes are selected from state agricultural extension and U.S.D.A. bulletins. The appendix contains a list of manufacturers and handlers of soy foods, and some selected references of which, excepting the publications of The American Soybean Association, only one is later than 1950.

One of the important needs for feeding the world's population is a source of high quality protein at a low cost.