Annual Review of Entomology

by Edward A. Steinhaus, Editor and Ray F. Smith, Associate Editor, University of California. Volume 2, first edition, 407 pp., Palo Alto, California: 1957. Annual Reviews, Inc. $7.00

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This second volume of reviews of selected entomological subjects maintains the high standards and objectives of the first volume. Leading workers from six countries have contributed 20 chapters and each is a pertinent review and interpretation of current worldwide studies in its field. These contributions are to be recommended to both the professional worker and student in entomology. The reviewer would draw the attention of readers of this journal to ten chapters. Of specific interest are “Recent advances in veterinary entomology” by Lindquist and Knipling, and “Transmission of disease agents by phlebotomine sand flies” by Adler and Theodor.

The chapter on veterinary entomology is largely devoted to biting flies, bot flies and blow flies. There are short sections on lice and radioisotopes in research. Rather detailed consideration is given to systemic insecticides and screwworm control with sexually sterile males. The subjects of ticks, mites and houseflies are not reconsidered, as they were included in Volume 1.