Wege der Seuchen—Lebensgemeinshaft, Kultur, Boden und Klima als Grundlage von Epidemien

Unter Berücksichtigung der Tropenkrankheiten dargestellt, by Dr. Phil. et Med. Erich Martini, Professor am Institut für Schiffs- und Tropenkrankheiten L. R. 3d ed., revised and enlarged. 203 pp. Stuttgart, Ferdinand Enke Verlag, 1955. Paper DM 19.; bound DM 21.80

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The well-known parasitologist at the Nocht Institute for Schiffs- und Tropenkrankheiten at Hamburg has revised his “Pathways of Epidemics,” which first appeared in 1936 as an amplified series of lectures. According to the introduction, the treatise is primarily intended to familiarize the practicing physician, biologist and interested layman with the complex interrelation of contagious and parasitic diseases with human culture, soil and climate. By means of examples, most of them chosen from the vast experience of the author, principally in the field of tropical medicine, the facts of modern epidemiology are well covered. Sometimes, because of the complex style and the choice of such words as “Heben einer Seuche” the presentation is quite involved and certainly would be difficult for a reader not familiar with the subject to follow. The hygienist will profit greatly by studying the chapter on reservoir hosts and zoonoses in general.