World-Atlas of Epidemic Diseases

Edited by Ernst Rodenwaldt and Helmut J. Jusatz, under the Sponsorship of the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften. Fourth of four issues in the second part of the series. 26 pp., 10 maps. Hamburg, Falk-Verlag, 1956

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Of the 10 maps in the 4th instalment of the second part of the Atlas of infectious diseases, six illustrate various aspects of the climatology of Africa, namely (a) mean actual January temperature; (b) mean actual July temperature; (c) mean annual precipitation; (d) rainy seasons; (e) dry seasons; (f) mean annual thermic sultriness values. There can be no doubt that these beautifully executed maps, which are accompanied by a comprehensive article on the climate of Africa by Professor Knoch, will prove valuable for all who wish to study the incidence and epidemiology of diseases, specially of tropical diseases, in Africa.

The four remaining maps of the instalment deal respectively with (i) leprosy in Africa, 1953; (ii) poliomyelitis in Africa, 1919–1954; (iii) smallpox in Africa, 1920–1953; and (iv) malaria in Central Africa, of which the first and the fourth are of particular interest for students of tropical diseases.