World-Atlas of Epidemic Diseases

edited by Ernst Rodenwaldt and Helmut J. Jusatz, under the sponsorship of the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften. Third of four issues in the second part of the series. 50 pp. 10 maps. Hamburg: Falk-Verlag, 1955

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The present instalment of the World-Atlas of Epidemic Diseases contains excellently executed colored maps illustrating (1) the global morbidity of scarlet fever, 1919–1953; (2) types of courses and lethality of scarlet fever 1928–1938 and 1939–1945; (3) plague in Europe 1899–1952; (4) plague in Africa; (5) tularemia in Central Europe 1933–1953; (6) louse-borne relapsing fever 1800–1950 (global incidence); (7) tick-borne relapsing fever 1905–1950 (global map); (8) Q fever in Europe, North Africa and Asia minor 1940–1954; (9) global incidence of amebic dysentery and E. histolytica 1903–1953; (10) global distribution of ascariasis 1907–1950.

Each of these maps is accompanied by a carefully written and adequately documented text printed on separate sheets of the same size as the maps, containing graphs and tables. Moreover the reverse sides of the colored maps have been utilized in various ways.Thus that on scarlet fever morbidity has on its reversesidea blackand white map with accompanying table showing Dick-test results in relation to morbidity and lethality, while in that on scarlet fever lethality tables and graphs as well as a smaller map showing the development of scarlet fever morbidity and lethality in Europe 1920-1945will be found.