World-Atlas of Epidemic Diseases

Edited by Ernst Rodenwaldt and Helmut J. Jusatz, under the Sponsorship of the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften. First of four issues in the second part of the series. 54 pp. 10 maps. Hamburg: Falk-Verlag, 1956

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The first instalment of the second part of the Atlas of Epidemic Diseases is made up of 10 excellently executed colored maps, each of which is accompanied by additional small black- and white maps (inserted mostly on the reverse side of the colored maps) and explanatory texts in German and English, and deals on the one hand with disease situations in Europe (relapsing fever in 1922; epidemic myalgia (Bornholm disease), 1931–52; smallpox in Europe, 1919–1948; rabies in Central Europe, 1947–53), on the other hand with the incidence of certain diseases in non-European countries, namely, bacillary dysentery, trachoma and sleeping sickness in Africa; Chagas' disease in Central and South America. A tenth map illustrates the distribution of the population in the United States and adjoining territories in 1950/51. It is gratifying to note that most of the valuable discussions of each of the diseases or conditions illustrated in the maps have been more or less fully translated from the German into English.