Dracunculiasis eradication: and now, Sudan.

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  • 1 Global 2000 Program of The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia 30307, USA. exr1@cdc.gov

This paper summarizes the status of the global dracunculiasis eradication campaign as of early 2002. Of the 20 countries that were endemic when the campaign began, seven have already interrupted transmission, four countries reported less than 100 cases each, and only five countries reported more than 1,000 cases each in 2001. Only 14,000 cases remained outside Sudan in 2001. Sudan reported 78% of all cases of dracunculiasis in 2001, and virtually all of Sudan's cases were in the southern states, where the long-standing civil war limits accessibility to endemic areas. A political settlement of the war is now urgently needed, since it will be impossible to complete the eradication of dracunculiasis without peace in Sudan.