Malaria parasitemia and childhood diarrhea in a peri-urban area of Guinea-Bissau.

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  • 1 Projecto de Saúde de Bandim, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau.

To examine the association between diarrhea in early childhood and malaria parasitemia, we conducted a nested case-control study in Guinea-Bissau of 297 children with diarrhea and a similar number of children without diarrhea matched for age, season, and residential area. There were no associations between diarrhea and parasite rate, parasite density, or clinical malaria. However, anti-malarials were easily available and frequently used, which was reflected by a 0.7% prevalence of children with a parasite density > 100/200 leukocytes. Thus, the findings do not preclude that diarrhea may be a sign of clinical malaria or high-parasite density in endemic areas with lower use of antimalarials.