Isolation of thogoto virus (Orthomyxoviridae) from the banded mongoose, Mongos mungo (Herpestidae), in Uganda.

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  • 1 Ugandan Virus Research Institute, Entebbe.
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Small wild vertebrates were trapped during an investigation into possible vertebrate reservoirs of o'nyong-nyong (ONN) fever virus in Uganda in 1997. Antibody neutralization test results and virus isolation attempts were negative for ONN virus, confirming the work of earlier investigators, who also failed to find evidence for a nonhuman ONN virus reservoir. In the course of these ONN virus studies, Thogoto virus was isolated from one of eight banded mongooses (Mongos mungo). This is the first isolation of Thogoto virus from a wild vertebrate. Neutralizing antibodies to Thogoto virus were also found in two of the other mongooses.