Lehrbuch der Tropenkrankhelten

herausgegeben von Ernst Georg Nauck, Hamburg, unter mitarbeit von G. Fuhrmann, H. Knüttgen, H. Lippelt, W. Minning, W. Mohr, H. Mühlpfordt, E. Reichenow, H. Vogel, A. Westphal, F. Weyer. 432 pp. illustrated. Stuttgart, Georg Thieme Verlag; New York, Intercontinental Medical Book Corporation, 1956. DM 64., $15.25

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Since 1942 the German medical literature has had no book that presents in condensed form the progress made in tropical medicine. The staff of the Bernard-Nocht-Institut für Schiffs und Tropenkrankheiten at Hamburg, under the able editorship of Prof. Ernst Georg Nauck, has filled this gap admirably. In a superbly printed, illustrated and bound edition the text is clear, precise, interesting and readable. Even the reader who is not too familiar with German will have no great difficulty in reading it.

At first one is surprised that there is no bibliography, not even mention of the major sources of material for the volume. But on further consideration one realizes that in a single small volume of primarily practical information text was necessarily given preference over bibliography. The volume, intended for students and for those attending courses in tropical medicine at Hamburg, serves as an introduction, a guide and a counselor to study and research.