A Preliminary Report on a Perfusion Technique for Recovering Schistosomes at Time of Autopsy

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  • University of Miami School of Medicine, Coral Gables, Florida


A perfusion technique for selectively washing adult schistosomes from various portions of the portal system has been developed and tested on cadavers. Although the literature reports adult schistosomes from various areas of the portal system no method has previously been devised for determining the total worm burden in a given area. It is hoped that determining total worm burden in the host as well as burden in selected areas, by the methods here presented, will reveal more accurately the incidence of infection in a population and promote a better understanding of the relationships among clinical manifestations, total worm burdens, and areas of the body involved. It is anticipated that this preliminary report will be followed by application of the method in an endemic area of schistosomiasis and that further refinements of technique will follow.