Serodiagnosis of Schistosomiasis: Specificity of the Complement-Fixation Test in other Helminthic Infections

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  • Tropical Research Medical Laboratory, U. S. Army, San Juan, Puerto Rico


The specificity of a complement-fixation test for schistosomiasis, using as antigen a buffered saline extract of ether-extracted adult worms, was evaluated in other helminthic infections. No serologic reactions were observed with the sera of 39 nematode-infected natives of Trinidad, an island whose natives have never been found to have schistosomiasis. The sera of only two of 69 nematode-infected Puerto Ricans without overt evidence of schistosomiasis were reactive. Two of 8 Japanese infected with P. westermani reacted in the test for schistosomiasis.

Author Notes

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