An Atlas of Regional Dermatology

by G. H. Percival, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P.E., D.P.H. and T. C. Dodds, F.I.M.L.T., F.I.B.P., F.R.P.S. Illustrated with 475 Clinical Subjects in Full Colour. 264 pp. Baltimore, The Williams and Wilkins Co., 1955. $19.00

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This Atlas shows very clearly that the authors have spared no time and no effort in gathering suitable cases, and in selecting the subjects for photographing. Various forms of the common dermatoses are depicted and arranged according to the regions they affect, as follows: head and neck, hands and arms, feet and legs, generalized eruptions.

As the authors point out, this arrangement inevitably leads to some duplication but this reviewer finds this duplication instructive and not excessive. The colored reproductions have not all turned out well. Many are passable, some are excellent, but some are downright poor. On the whole the color work cannot be compared with the superb examples in the recent French Atlas of Dermatology by deGraciansky and Boulle, nor with many of the color reproductions in the advertising brochures distributed so lavishly by pharmaceutical houses in this country.It is deplorable that in English-speaking countries only industrial concerns and subsidized publications appear to be able to afford the sort of “art work”required in an Atlas of Dermatology.