The Nature of Brucellosis

By Wesley W. Spink, M.D., D.Sc., 1st edition. 446 pp., illustrated. Minneapolis; The University of Minnesota Press, 1956. $8.00

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This is a most perplexing volume to review, for every part is so packed with interest that none stands out as calling for special mention over and above the rest; though, naturally, each reader will turn first to the particular feature of brucellosis that concerns him most, and wherever he may turn he will not be disappointed. Every aspect of the disease is covered here—clinical, illustrated by 244 case-records; diagnosis, with descriptions of laboratory procedures and their evaluation; treatment, including a critical assessment of results; eradication of the disease, with details of the nation-wide scheme now elaborated from that originally adopted in Minnesota; and reports of recent researches. Those who have been puzzled by the problems of chronic brucellosis will welcome the informative discussion on this condition, which includes the group of persons who continue in ill health after all objective evidence of active disease has disappeared.Do they suffer from a persisting infection, or are their complaints only the residuals of an infection that has died out?