Discussion of Dr. Jack Daugherty's Paper

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  • Department of Biology, Emory University, Georgia

These brief remarks are made not from the viewpoint of the biochemist, but rather from the general biological implication of the work of Dr. Daugherty and others.

In 1950 Geiman and McKee published a review article on the protein metabolism of helminths (J. Parasitol. 36: 211). I was amazed, when I reread their paper recently, to realize how much this field of helminth physiology has advanced in the six intervening years. We have really entered into the log phase of growth in nutritional studies. Early pioneers, whom I need not specifically mention since names like Ackert, Chandler, von Brand, Bueding and Moulder leap instantly into everyone's mind, contributed greatly to the inception of this work. These and current workers such as Smyth, Hopkins, Read, Daugherty and others have given us fundamental insights into the modus operandi of helminth metabolism.

These studies may all be briefly summarized to state that helminth parasites are animals, with the usual animal enzyme systems, metabolic pathways, precursors, intermediates, and end products.