Annual Epidemiological and Vital Statistics, 1953

(Bilingual edition, French and English), 571 pages, World Health Organization: Geneva, Switzerland and New York, distributed by Columbia University Press. 1956.Ł2 10s., $10.00, Sw. fr. 30.-

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This volume is the sixth such collection published by the World Health Organization. The previous five volumes cover the years 1939 to 1952 inclusive, and the WHO series is itself a continuation of the Annual Epidemiological Reports published by the Health Organization of the League of Nations, covering the years 1922 to 1938.

The present volume consists of an Introduction, which discusses the reliability and comparability of the data; Part I, Vital Statistics and Causes of Death; and Part II, Cases of and Deaths from Notifiable Diseases.

Part I contains (a) five tables of demographic data which are essentially a supplement to the U. N. Demographic Yearbook for 1953, (b) tabulations of deaths by cause, age and sex for 35 countries, and (c) several special tables dealing with deaths among children, deaths from tuberculosis and malignant neoplasms, and death rates from selected causes. The classification of causes is according to the abridged “B” list of the 1948 revision of the International List.