Leishmania (Viannia) lainsoni: First Isolation in Peru

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  • U.S. Naval Medical Research Institute Detachment, U.S. Naval Medical Research Institute, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Daniel A. Carrion University of San Marcos, Central Military Hospital, Biology Department, Youngstown State University, Lima, Peru
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Surveys were conducted from 1986 through 1992 to define the etiology and geographic distribution of human leishmaniasis in Peru. Lesion aspirates and skin biopsies were obtained from clinically diagnosed cases of leishmaniasis and tested for promastigotes by standard culture techniques. The isozyme profile of the isolates was determined by the cellulose acetate electrophoresis technique. Data indicated that the isozyme profiles for Leishmania isolates from six patients were similar to that of reference strains of L. lainsoni. These results are the first reported evidence of L. lainsoni and the first association of this parasite with human cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Peru.