Evaluation of a Recombinant Parasite Antigen for the Diagnosis of Lymphatic Filariasis

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  • Department of Tropical Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Filariasis, Guizhou Provincial Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Department of Parasitology, Aggeu Magalhaes Research Centre (FIOCRUZ), Faculty of Medicine, Department of Parasitology, Shanghai Medical University, National Institute of Health, Research and Development, Department of Medicine, University of South Florida, Boston, Massachusetts, The People's Republic of China

We evaluated the usefulness of a recombinant parasite antigen (recSXP1) for the serologic diagnosis of lymphatic filariasis. A large proportion of sera from microfilaremic donors living in five different endemic countries (356 of 446 [80%]) contained IgG antibodies to recSXP1, as do sera from ∼33% of amicrofilaremic patients with acute filarial disease and/or indirect evidence of active filarial infection. Exposure to filarial worms per se does not appear sufficient to elicit an anti-SXP1 antibody response. Thus, this serologic test identifies a large proportion of persons with active lymphatic filariasis among residents of endemic areas.