La Lèpre

by Roland Chaussinand, Chef du Service de la Lèpre a l'Institut Pasteur. 2nd ed., 310 pp. illustrated, with 18 in color. Paris, Expansion Scientifique Française. 3,800 fr

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The author, who worked for fifteen years as a leprologist in Saigon and now is in charge of the Leprosy Service at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, gives us in this one volume a work on leprosy which covers admirably well the whole subject in concise form.

The chapter on history contains fascinating information, especially of the Indian and Greco-Roman periods. The chapter on the lepra bacillus is particularly interesting, dealing with its appearance in various forms, its culture, staining, and animal inoculation. Leprosy in animals, especially rat and buffalo, is well covered. The chapter on etiology gives important information regarding penetration of the bacilli, its emission, and the possibilities of transmission. When discussing the immunology, the author stresses the importance of the lepromin test and gives detailed information regarding its preparation. The clinical aspects and diagnosis of leprosy are dealt with in close connection with its histopathology, illustrated by more than one hundred instructive photographs, and extremely well covered.