A Survey of Human Intestinal Parasites in a Fishing Village of Northern Egypt

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  • Department of Parasitology, U. S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3, Cairo, Egypt


Twenty-one species of intestinal protozoa and helminths were recorded in the examination of single fecal specimens from 367 school children living in an isolated fishing village in northern Egypt. Entamoeba histolytica was found in 49 per cent of the children. Eggs of Schistosoma mansoni and Schistosoma haematobium were found in 34 per cent and 6 per cent respectively of the stools. The intestinal trematode Heterophyes heterophyes was a common parasite, with an incidence of 36 per cent recorded.

Author Notes

Lt. William H. Wells, EST School, U. S. Naval Hospital, Oakland, Calif.