Schistosomiasis in Saudi Arabia

Treatment with Lucanthone Hydrochloride (Nilodin) and with Sodium Antimonyl Gluconate (Triostam)

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  • Medical Department, Arabian American Oil Company, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
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In Schistosoma mansoni infections in Saudi Arabia a cure was obtained in 6 out of 12 cases with lucanthone hydrochloride (Nilodin) in dosages of 55 to 75 mg./kg. body weight, and in 12 out of 18 cases with sodium antimonyl gluconate (Triostam) in dosages of 13 to 21.6 mg./kg. body weight. In S. haematobium infections, one case was cured with 110 mg./kg. of lucanthone hydrochloride and 4 out of 4 cases were cured with 20 to 24 mg./kg. of sodium antimonyl gluconate.

Author Notes

The author wishes to thank Dr. R. C. Page, Medical Director, Arabian American Oil Company, for permission to publish this paper.