New Challenges for Tropical Medicine

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  • Executive Office of the President, Office of Science and Technology, Washington, District of Columbia

I count it a special privilege and an honor to be asked to deliver the Charles Franklin Craig Lecture — a lecture series which, I discover, dates back to the third year of Franklin Roosevelt's first term in office. It is a series which, over the years, has highlighted an impressive and diverse array of important discoveries and developments relevant to tropical medicine. The topics, which have been presented, reflect aptly the breadth and depth of Charles Craig himself who bestrode the field of tropical medicine for much of the first half of this century. He was a professor at the Army Medical School and at Tulane University, an administrator at many different Army Hospitals, an editor of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine, and a scholar — author of more than 200 publications and 10 books.

All of us, and in many different venues, have regularly deplored the now dwindling numbers of Charles Franklin Craigs, scientists and physicians broadly schooled in tropical medicine.