This list was terminated on 13 September 1989 when the December 1989 issue was sent to press. Volume 41 will contain 100 scientific articles and, with 1 exception, all articles have been seen by 2 or more members of the Editorial Board or other colleagues as listed below. All also have seen manuscripts that are under review now or have been rejected.

Members of the Editorial Board during this period were Ronald L. Anthony, A. S. Benenson, Donald S. Burke, Charles H. Calisher, Allen W. Cheever, David F. Clyde, Daniel H. Connor, Joel M. Dalrymple, James L. Hardy, David P. Jacobus, Rodney C. Jung, Llewellyn J. Legters, Edgar R. Martin, Franklin A. Neva, Robert F. Shope, Mette Strand, Diane W. Taylor, Harold Trapido, Thomas H. Weller, and Thomas M. Yuill. It is with considerable regret that I announce the resignation of a long-time member of the board, Edgar J. Martin.