Studies on Schistosomiasis

VII. Observations on Some Surfactants for Dispersing Insoluble Molluscicides

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  • Department of Medical Zoology, 406th Medical General Laboratory, APO 500, San Francisco, California


A rapid method for screening surfactants adapted for dispersing particular molluscicides is outlined. The characteristic behavior of surface-active agents is illustrated in a series of tests involving twenty-two well-known surfactants and seven insoluble molluscicides which were chlorinated phenol derivatives. Efficient dispersants screened in this study together with comments on their dispersibility are presented.

Potential possibilities in the use of soluble and insoluble molluscicides and simple methods of testing their compatibility are described, using two effective soluble molluscicides and four insoluble compounds. A simple method is given for preparing molluscicidal emulsions which is satisfactory for field plot tests. Characteristics of eleven emulsions of six different molluscicides are recorded.

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