Attempt to Eradicate Anopheles in the Malaria Zone of Chile

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  • National Health Service of Chile


Anopheles pseudopunctipennis, the only species present in formerly endemic malaria zones of Chile, can no longer be found in most of the valleys in the northern Province of Tarapacá. Following intensive larviciding and house-spraying with DDT over a period of 17 years not a single adult A. pseudopunctipennis has been captured since the fall of 1948, and the few larval foci found have been limited to the valleys nearest Peru. However, to achieve complete eradication, control and vigilance measures will have to be maintained for a long time, and agricultural work that facilitates the elimination of breeding places for Anopheles should be intensified.

Author Notes

Department of Parasitology, P. O. Box 9183, Santiago, Chile.