Diseases Transmitted from Animals to Man

by Thomas G. Hull, ed., PhD., Secretary, Council on Scientific Assembly, Director, Bureau of Exhibits, American Medical Assn., with 24 contributors. 4th edition: 717 pp. illustrated. Springfield Illinois: Charles C Thomas. 1955. Price $12.50

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This is a most worthwhile book dealing with diseases transmissible from animals to man. The authors of the various chapters are well-known investigators in their particular fields, distinguished for their firsthand knowledge concerning the diseases upon which they write. The book thus bears an authoritative tone assuring the reader that the information it contains is accurate, complete and exhaustive. It should be of interest and value to public health and research workers and to both veterinarians and physicians. Furthermore, it should appeal to those interested in the natural history of disease and in the broader aspects of epidemiology. This fourth edition contains chapters dealing with seven diseases not covered in the third edition and most of the other chapters have been modernized and brought up-to-date. The summaries concluding each chapter are extremely helpful in making it possible rapidly to scan the book for items of interest. By and large, Dr. Hull has done a noteworthy job of selecting the diseases for inclusion in this book and most of them are of bonafide importance in human medicine.