Amebic Hepatitis

Laboratory Findings and Treatment with Erythromycin

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  • Sonoma State Hospital, University of California Medical Center, Eldridge, California
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Twenty-nine of 371 patients found to have E. histolytica demonstrated in ironhemotoxylin stained preparations, had clinical-laboratory evidence of hepatic involvement. More objective criteria than hitherto used have been found helpful in the detection of hepatitis believed to be due to E. histolytica. Of the twelve tests and signs employed, six were significantly altered in one-third or more of the patients. These abnormalities were corrected on application of erythromycin stearate therapy, as described, in the majority of patients treated.

Twenty-one patients out of 29 treated with erythromycin stearate (one received a combination of erythromycin and fumagillin) showed a favorable response in clearance of their liver disease. In the nine cases resistant to erythromycin therapy, subsequent therapy with chloroquine resulted in a good response in six and equivocal results in two. One patient did not respond to therapy.