Wine as Food and Medicine

by Salvatore P. Lucia, M.D., Sc.D., 149 pp., New York and Toronto, The Blakiston Company, Inc., 1954, $3.00

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In the preface to this book the author states that he has approached his subject with “great warmth and fondness.” His enthusiasm is readily apparent to the reader and at times there must be question whether objectivity and scientific accuracy has not been compromised in some measure as tribute is paid to an important and much enjoyed beverage.

The first chapter deals with the chemistry of wine and the process of fermentation. It is both informative and interesting to read. In consideration of the contributions which wine may make as a food, data are recorded giving the calories afforded per unit measure of a variety of wines. Wine is also proposed as a food providing essential mineral elements, of which iron is present in most significant quantity. The author contends that wine may contribute importantly in meeting the daily needs for vitamins of the B complex but no data are given to substantiate this statement. Actually, with moderate intake it is unlikely that this end would be achieved.