Histopathologic Technic and Practical Histochemistry

by R. D. Lillie, A.B., M.D. Medical Director, U. S. Public Health Service; Chief, Pathologic Anatomy Service, Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health; and Chief, Laboratory of Pathology and Pharmacology, National Institute for Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases. 456 pp. New York and Toronto: The Blakiston Company, Inc. 1954. Price $7.50

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This book is probably the most complete available account of techniques required for the demonstration of the structural and chemical properties of cells and tissues localizable by means of the ordinary light microscope. It treats lightly or leaves out details concerning the use of complicated equipment, such as the finer grades of ultracentrifuges, spectrographs, polariscopes and electron microscopes.

The early chapters describing microscopical equipment, fixation, staining and so on are clearly presented and suitable for beginners. In the case of more difficult techniques precision is given by specifying the source of the dyes and other reagents employed. A few well chosen references to the literature are supplied and helpful tables giving the composition of buffers and normal acids and alkalis. The author, a master of histopathology, gives valuable help by reference to his personal experience in the use of many important methods. Of particular value are the chapters on the microscopic localization of enzyme activities, pigments and unicellular organisms such as bacteria and Rickettsia.