Medical Mycology

edited by R. D. G. Ph. Simons, Senior Lecturer at the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Leyden, Dermatologist in Charge at the Civilian Hospital, Amsterdam; with 36 contributors. 446 pp., illustrated. Amsterdam, Houston, New York, London: Elsevier Press, 1954. Price $9.75

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This book, as stated in the preface, represents the section on mycology of Volume II of the Handbook of Tropical Dermatology and Medical Mycology edited by Simons. It is concerned not only with the tropical but also the nontropical mycoses. There are additional sections by Emmons on the development of medical mycology which is well presented, and a series of photographs of cultures with one plate of 15 cultures in color by Ajello.

The list of 36 contributors is made up of some that are well known and others not well established as medical mycologists. Each has contributed one and in some cases more sections to the book, which is an attempt to cover all the known mycoses and various phases of the subject such as physiology, techniques, experimental infections in laboratory animals and therapy. These features and in addition the cultural characteristics of pathogenic fungi and of the saprophytes commonly seen in the laboratory are concise and well written although in some instances somewhat brief.