Explored Areas of Arthropod-borne Viral Infections

(Yellow Fever and Dengue Excepted)

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We are indebted to the American Geographical Society for another map in their series on the world distribution of various diseases or infections. The latest map represents a very important contribution since, for the first time, it is possible to see at a glance the areas in which arthropod-borne viral infections occur. The extent to which arthropod-borne viruses are encountered over the world comes as a surprise even to those familiar with the literature, for here in the map we have brought together for the first time the findings and observations recorded in a rather comprehensive and scattered literature; the selected bibliography, which is quite extensive, contains a number of review papers and thus obviates the necessity of going back to many original papers.

In view of the excellence and the clarity with which the data are presented, one hesitates to bring up what might be regarded as minor flaws.