Professor William C. Reeves: Scholar, Teacher, and Friend

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Please let me tell you about Bill Reeves as scholar, teacher, and friend. I cannot recall a more pleasant, yet challenging, assignment. Some of what I have to say is well known to many of those present, and many of you could add much of substance to this presentation; but there are little known facts which are important to the perspective that must evolve from today's program, and even a few personal recollections that I am eager to share.

William Carlisle Reeves was born on 2 December 1916, on a small farm in what is now downtown Riverside, California. He grew up on that farm. He learned, lived, loved, and has worked all his life in this state. William Reeves is thus a quintessential Californian, a fact of which, all who know him realize, he is quietly very proud. Dr. Reeves dates his interest in entomology to junior high school and a biology teacher, Fred Estes, who started him on the disciplined collection and study of butterflies.