Professor William C. Reeves retired and became an Emeritus Professor on 30 June 1987, after 46 years of dedicated and distinguished service to the University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco. During this period, he compiled remarkable records in teaching, scholarly research, and service to his profession, the University, and numerous governmental agencies. He served as the mentor and friend of many graduate students who have since become outstanding scientists. His own scholarly research contributed significantly to our current knowledge of the epidemiology, ecology, control, and surveillance of the mosquito-borne virus encephalitides in the western United States. Without question, Bill Reeves has been an influential leader and driving force in the field of arbovirology for the past four decades.

To acknowledge Bill's significant contributions to the University and science in general, and to express our gratitude to him for being our mentor, colleague, and friend, we organized in his honor a symposium and dinner which were held on 11 April 1987 on the University of California campus in Berkeley.