Destruction of Leishmania mexicana amazonensis Promastigotes by Normal Human Serum

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  • 1 Goncalo Moniz Research Center (FIOCRUZ/UFBA), Salvador Bahia, Brazil
  • * Cornell University Medical College, New York, New York

Fresh normal human serum was observed to have a lethal effect on Leishmania mexicana amazonensis promastigotes obtained from laboratory-bred Lutzomyia longipalpis or on promastigotes grown in liquid culture medium, inoculated with the same isolates. Heat inactivation abolished the Leishmania lytic activity from the sera.

Resistance of culture promastigotes to lysis by normal human serum was investigated in three isolates of L. m. amazonensis. Development of resistance (up to 7%) was found in only one isolate, obtained from the bone marrow in a human case of visceral leishmaniasis.