Peripheral Lymphedema in Ferrets Infected with Brugia malayi

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  • 1 College of Medicine
  • * Department of Entomology, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32610

This study examines the production and persistence of peripheral lymphedema in ferrets experimentally infected with Brugia malayi. In 14 of 18 ferrets inoculated 2 or more times with infective larvae, lymphedema developed in the inoculated paw or paw and lower leg. In 5 of these ferrets lymphedema had persisted for 8 to 18 months at the time of necropsy. Lymphedema rarely was observed following a single inoculation of larvae or in microfilaremic ferrets. The results suggest that the ferret may be a useful experimental animal for the study of chronic lymphostatic disorders in filariasis.