Veterinary Viral Diseases: Their Significance in South-East Asia and the Western Pacific

edited by Antony J. Della-Porta. xix + 616 pages, illustrated. Academic Press, Inc., Publishers, Orlando, Florida 32887. 1985. $40.00

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  • U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland 21701

This is the proceedings of an International Seminar on Virus Diseases of Veterinary Importance in South-East Asia and the Western Pacific held at the Australian National Animal Health Laboratory, Geelong, Australia, 27–30 August 1984. The book contains 119 papers on a wide range of subjects and diseases. The papers are organized under the following sections: pathogenesis and immunity, advances in diagnosis, advances in epidemiology and control, advances in vaccines, national overviews, specific viral diseases, and regional cooperation.

The section on national overviews consists of a series of papers providing a concise description of viral veterinary disease problems and the response to those problems on a country by country basis.

Under specific viral diseases are those of major importance in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific. Included are foot-and-mouth disease, avian diseases, rabies, vector-borne diseases, diseases caused by herpesviruses, rinderpest, and viral diarrhea.