Editor's page: Journal Referees

This list terminated as of 30 June 1986, when the November issue of the Journal was completed. Each of the 195 articles in Volume 35 has been seen by two or more of the colleagues listed below. These referees also have seen manuscripts that are still under review or have been rejected.

It is a pleasure to recognize two new members of the Editorial Board: Diane W. Taylor and Joel M. Dalrymple. Current members of the Editorial Board are A. S. Benenson, Allen W. Cheever, Charles H. Calisher, Joel M. Dalrymple, Carter L. Diggs, James L. Hardy, Rodney C. Jung, Llewelyn J. Legters, Edgar J. Martin, Thomas P. Monath, Harry Most, Franklin A. Neva, S. Michael Phillips (sabbatical leave), Robin D. Powell, Alexis Shelokov, Robert E. Shope, Diane W. Taylor, Harold Trapido, Thomas H. Weller, and Thomas M. Yuill. Despite heavy teaching and research programs, field trips, and illnesses each of these individuals has seen and served as referee on an average of 8 manuscripts.