Rhodnius Neivai: a New Experimental Vector of Trypanosoma Rangeli

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  • The International Collaboration in Infectious Diseases Research Program, Centro Internacional de Investigaciones Medicas, Tulane University-COLCIENCIAS, Cali, Colombia

Rhodnius neivai was as efficient as Rhodnius prolixus and Rhodnius robustus in transmitting by bite a Colombian strain of Trypanosoma rangeli following its inoculation into the hemocoel. Under conditions of the study the strain of T. rangeli had a high and constant infectivity to the salivary glands of R. prolixus, its natural vector in Colombia. Six species of Triatoma and Dipetalogaster maximus likewise inoculated did not develop metatrypomastigotes in the salivary glands. Of the 12 known species of Rhodnius, R. neivai is the eighth to be demonstrated as an anterior station vector of T. rangeli.