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  • Madang General Hospital, P.O. Box 2030 Yomba, Madang Papua, New Guinea

16 May 1984

To the Editor:

The author of this remarkable booklet has assumed the task of providing a textbook designed specifically for the young clinical medical student in a tropical medical school. The author himself identifies the challenges which face the new medical institutions in the developing countries of the tropics. These challenges are in part the same for those who would prepare a suitable text: to prevent a drop in the standards of clinical knowledge and skills in the face of pressures for increased enrollment; to insure that not only scientific knowledge but also medical professional ethics be inculcated; to teach adequately the cosmopolitan aspects of medicine while at the same time to prepare the student to handle the local and peculiar problems of his area.

Dr. Nwoholo has met these challenges with surprising success and has crowded into a small (243 pages, including index) and inexpensive book much of what the clinician needs to begin his experience in practicing medicine in the tropics.