Handbook of Leprosy

3rd edition, by W. H. Jopling. 145 pages, illustrated. William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd., 23 Bedford Square, London, WC1. 1984. 7.95 pounds

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  • Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C. 20306

Infectious Diarrheal Diseases: Current Concepts and Laboratory Procedures” edited by Paul D. Ellner is a timely collection of separate articles about the major bacterial, parasitic, and viral enteric pathogens. Its principal focus is on the microbiology of these agents and on diagnostic laboratory tests, with a brief discussion about the clinical syndromes and (in most instances) pathogenesis. Each article is written by a recognized expert in the respective field. The strength of this collection is that it provides a reasonably concise review of laboratory methods in this rapidly changing field for the clinical microbiology laboratory. Its weaknesses lie in lack of a cohesive synthesis from the point of view of the syndromes as they present to a clinician, and from the inherent difficulties of staying current in a rapidly moving field.