Tropical Diseases Research Series: 1. The Role of the Spleen in the Immunology of Parasitic Diseases (300 pages, illustrated); 2. The Membrane Pathobiology of Tropical Diseases (226 pages, illustrated); 3. The in Vitro Cultivation of the Pathogens of Tropical Diseases (472 pages, illustrated); 4. Modern Genetic Concepts and Techniques in the Study of Parasites (430 pages, illustrated)

Published on behalf of the UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases by Schwabe & Co., AG, Basel. No. 1, 1979; No. 2, 1979, Sfr, 30. -/DM 34.50; No. 3, 1980, Sfr 52.-/DM 60.-; No. 4, 1981, Sfr. 56.-/ DM 67.-

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  • Department of Tropical Medicine Tulane Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

The Tropical Diseases Research Series, of which there currently are four volumes, is published on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, and World Health Organization in conjunction with a Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases. The objectives of the Special Programme are to develop means for the control of tropical diseases and to strengthen the research capability of tropical countries. Research is conducted on a global basis under the direction of Scientific Working Groups. Training and institution strengthening efforts are promoted and supported in the countries where malaria, schistosomiasis, filariasis, trypanosomiasis, leishmaniasis and leprosy are endemic. In addition to the six selected disease areas, Scientific Working Groups are concerned with biomedical sciences, vector control, epidemiology, and social and economic research.

Reported in this series are the proceedings of meetings, workshops and symposia on topics related to the Special Programme.