by R. S. Phillips. 58 pages. Edward Arnold, 300 North Charles St., Baltimore, Maryland 21201. 1983. $8.95 (paperback)

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  • 307 12th Street Petaluma, California 94952

Reader No. 152 of the Studies in Biology series provides a helpful introduction to the biological research currently underway in malariology. This booklet summarizes the information found in larger publications such as L. J. Bruce-Chwatt's Essential Malariology (1980), and the multivolume sets edited by J. P. Kreier: Malaria (1980) and Parasitic Protozoa (1977). It will be especially appreciated by those needing to supplement more general studies with only a limited time available, or by persons in other specialities who want a concise overview of malaria.

The topics covered include the highlights of malaria research (in 4 pages), structure, life cycles and laboratory models of plasmodia (10), pathology (2), biochemistry (3), genetic markers and mixing of strains (6), mechanisms favoring natural resistance to infection (6), the immune response, vaccines, immunosuppression and immunopathology (10), types of antimalarial drugs, how they work, and drug-resistance (6), Anopheles mosquitoes (2), and epidemiology, control and erradication of malaria (6).