Cytogenetics and Genetics of Vectors

edited by R. Pal, J. B. Kitzmiller, and T. Kanda. x + 265 pages, illustrated. Kodansha Ltd., 12-21 Otowa 2-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112, Japan and Elsevier Biomedical Press, P. O. Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 1981. $59.50

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  • Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Panama, Republic of Panama

The 19 papers comprising this book are the proceedings of a symposium held during the XVIth International Congress of Entomology held at Kyoto, Japan, August 1980. In the words of the editors, “this volume is part of the … effort to establish vector genetics as an important part of scientific research which will provide knowledge and tools to be able to control vectorborne diseases effectively and economically.”

The book begins with an overview of the application of genetics in the study and control of insect disease vectors by Dr. R. Pal, which is highly appropriate since Dr. Pal was co-editor of the first major treatise on vector genetics. The remaining articles are organized into four major headings: anopheline mosquitoes, culicine mosquitoes, arthropods other than mosquitoes, and papers on applied genetics, genetics of insecticide resistance, and genetic control. A subject index is included.Fifteen papers deal specifically with mosquitoes, two with tsetseflies and one with the German cockroach.