Transmission of Ross River Virus by Aedes Polynesiensis and Aedes Aegypti

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  • Vector-Borne Diseases Division, Bureau of Laboratories, Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Post Office Box 2087, Fort Collins, Colorado 80522
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Laboratory studies were carried out with two geographic strains of Aedes polynesiensis and one strain of Aedes aegypti to determine whether they could transmit Ross River virus (RRV). Both species were shown to be good vectors of RRV, but Ae. polynesiensis was the most susceptible. Ae. polynesiensis represents a new vector for this virus and the epidemiologic implications of RRV spread by both mosquito species are discussed.

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Present address: Centers for Disease Control, Vector-Borne Virus Diseases Division, P.O. Box 4532, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936.